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Drain Cleaning


Every single hour, Smith Plumbing experts are called upon by home owners and businesses in need of drain cleaning in Topeka. We always respond to all calls made to our office as we understand the frustrations you are going through. When your drain is clogged up, waste water will not flow properly. This results in an overwhelming stench from the drain pipe. This is not what you want. As a home owner, presentation is everything especially when you know guests can drop in at any time.

In the course of our work, we have encountered different causes that result in drain clogging. Home owners today seem not to care what is dropped into the drain pipe. So long as the drain pipe continues to flow, everything is well. This is the first cause of drain clogging – neglect. Overtime, the foreign objects, fats, oil, soap and hair bond to form grime. This is what causes blocking in your drain pipes. In order to ensure that your drain pipes function well like before, you need to hire Smith Plumbing drain cleaning experts in Topeka.

What is drain cleaning?

This is a complex process that involves the removal of materials that block the path of the drain pipe. The method is performed by professionals from Smith Plumbing who use a wide range of equipment and tools in order to remove the grime.

In order to determine what is blocking the drain pipe, Smith Plumbing experts use video inspection tools to locate the source. Once the location has been determined, Smith Plumbing experts use a digital locator to mark exactly where the problem is.

Smith Plumbing specialists use an electro-mechanical machine fitted with a flexible cable that rotates in the drain pipe. The snake has an attached blade at the end which helps to dislodge blockages found in the drain pipe. It is the fastest and most economical way of removing foreign objects clogging the drain pipes. Once this is done, your home will experience improved flow rates.

What materials block a drain pipe?

All kinds of materials are known to block drain pipes compromising the flow of waste water. Some of the materials Smith Plumbing experts caution home owners from throwing down the drain include the following. Hair, soap, grease, toothpaste, food particles, toilet paper, jewelry, plastic bags, pieces of cloth and children toys.

When you flush the toilet, you may think that the foreign object has been drained away. What you don’t know is that it may be lodged along the pipe. Overtime, it will collect other foreign materials creating a large mass that is difficult to remove with so-called home solutions. When faced with this, it is wise to call Smith Plumbing Drain Cleaning experts in Topeka.

Why Choose Smith Plumbing

Timely service

We know how frustrating it can be when waste water does not flow properly. Furthermore, the stench from the waste water has started filling up the rooms making it impossible to relax. Since we want you to enjoy clean air and a stench free kitchen or bathroom, when you contact our support staff, our plumbing experts will be at your door before your even drop the phone.

Thanks to our mobile trucks, our experts carry around drain cleaning equipment and tools. You will find motorized rooters, high velocity water jetting equipment, specialized snake devices, augers and cutting tools. Once in your home, Smith Plumbing experts will get to diagnose the problem and within no time, the problem will be resolved. Our timely service will ensure that your waste water continues to flow well.

Flexibility and convenience

Smith Plumbing has the best support staff who are always ready to receive call requests from home owners and businesses regarding drain cleaning in Topeka. As said earlier, we know how frustrating it can be when waste water does not flow as required.

To ensure that even new customers can contact us at any time of the day or night, our contact details are available on our website. Customers can contact our support staff via mail or phone. Phone is the quickest method and ensures your problem is resolved within minutes. Our call center is open 24/7. On holidays, a service manager is always available to handle any emergencies. This is because we know drain emergencies can affect negatively the lives of home owners. Having problems with your drain system? Call Smith Plumbing Now!

We have heard of the experiences most home owners have gone through with so-called plumbing experts. To ensure that customers know what is required of them especially when it comes to payment, our experts reveal the prices for the task at hand upfront. The price quoted is what customers pay no matter how long the drain cleaning process takes. What you need to know is that our pricing model is favorable and affordable.

Don’t let your home fill up with stench from waste water. Call Smith Plumbing today!

Ryan and his team did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. They worked around our schedule so as not to disrupt the operation of our business. Thank you guys for your hard work!!

—Jessie G.

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