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  • 7 Clever Tricks To Conserve Water (And Save Money)

    You already know how important it is that we all try to reduce our use of water. Our planet's future depends on it! And, there are so many practical and surprisingly easy ways for us to do that.

    So, here are seven really practical ways for you to conserve water in your home…

  • Beware Of Frozen Pipes This February: Top Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes This Month (And All Winter)

    There may be a lot of warmth in your home, but this February, be careful! If the temperature drops below freezing outside, it could ruin Valentine’s day (and the rest of the month) for you if your pipes freeze.

  • Slow Drain, Clogged Drain Or, Worse Yet, a Backed-Up Drain

    As long as everything goes down the drain, no one worries about their drain and sewer line (or septic line). Regular maintenance would keep all your drains flowing smoothly, but many homeowners have never contacted a home services company for annual plumbing maintenance. It’s a good idea and would help you avoid any of the drain/sewage problems we’re about to go over. Fortunately there are some warning signs before your drain, sewer line or septic line is totally blocked—when that happens your whole house will come to a standstill.

  • Should You Fix Your Own Plumbing?

    While there are licensed professionals to do a lot of the work that needs to be done, there are a few things you can do with your home’s plumbing to keep it maintained in between check-ups with your friendly neighborhood plumber. Here are the top three things you can do to maintain plumbing yourself:

    1. Avoid using harsh chemicals in your pipes
    2. If your pipes squeak or knock, you may want to anchor them with clips or brackets
    3. Keep an eye out on your floor (especially in your basement and around your toilet and sink) for water

Needed a new hot water heater after the other "burst." We were a new customer, but he was there quickly and we are very satisfied with his work...definitely will call him again when the need arises!


—Romelle V.

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