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Sewer Pipe Lining

When it rains in the midwest, if your pipes aren’t in good shape your home will most likely face a myriad of problems. From water stains to low water pressure, or foul odors and basement flooding; the list of potential issues goes on and on. Sometimes the issue is widespread, like in Winnetka Illinois’ case.

The town spent nearly $300,000 fixing sanitary sewer system leaks to fix the areas in piping that were causing flooding and basement backup. In many cases, however, pipe damage affects families and business owners and when the problem ensues it is up to the individual to get it fixed.

Pipe damage can happen for a number of reasons. Changing temperature from freezing to warm can cause ice to expand and burst in pipes. Tree roots are also a common issues. Trees planted near pipes can grow their roots and infiltrate the joints in the piping and continue to grow until the drain is clogged completely.  

Pipes can also simply be old. Homes built before the 1980s have pipes that are typically made out of clay and cast iron which tend to crack, rust and rot. Sometimes pipe damage even happens when you least expect it, such as construction next door striking one of your main water lines.

Fortunately, pipe damage doesn’t typically come out of nowhere. There are generally warning signs that allow you to detect the problem before it becomes a huge fix.

Warning Signs of Pipe Damage

One common warning sign is low water pressure. This could be an indicator that your pipes have expanded and burst and can no longer let water through properly. Another clue is a foul odor. Your pipes may have pockets of moisture built up as a result of a cracked pipe that produces a fungus-like smell. Continual clogging can also mean there is a possible break in your sewer lining. In addition, if you see mold you may have a damaged pipe. A cracked sewer pipe behind a wall can cause the humidity levels to rise to a level where mold grows.

Solution for Pipe Damage

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to call a specialist right away. Many people hold off on getting the problem checked out because they fear the cost. In the past, traditional pipe replacements were a death sentence for your savings account. It used to take crews of people to come out and dig up your entire yard, turn off your water for a week, and charge you an astronomical fee. With Smith Plumbing, that is no longer the case.

If you live near Topeka, Kansas call us to learn about our trenchless sewer pipe lining process. Rather than use the old method of digging up your old pipe system, we rely on technology to discover the weak area and repair it.

Making only a small access point at the end of the sewer pipeline, we use a machine to install a wet epoxy resin the coats the entire interior of the existing sewer pipe. The resin cures in place within one hour and lasts up to 50 years.

This method is more cost effective, time efficient, and successful at repairing your piping problems. Call us at 785-485-2431 to get a quote and learn more about trenchless sewer lining.

Thank you Smith Plumbing for coming out on a horribly rainy Sunday and literally being lifesavers. Apparently our house was close to catching on fire from the shorting out , smoking, water heater! You all are the best!!

—Amber S.

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